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What Is Sentricon Termite Control?

Introduced in 1995, Sentricon termite control treatments are designed to be a green alternative to traditional termiticides. Unlike conventional options, Sentricon’s advanced technology can kill off an entire colony of termites, keeping your home safe and protected.

Sentricon termite control services in Cookeville, TN

How Sentricon Termite Control Works

A certified Midstate Pest Control technician will install Sentricon around the perimeter of your home. The bait systems will be placed underground. The termites will find the bait systems and the food laced with a growth-regulating chemical and bring it back to their colony. This growth-regulating hormone prevents termites from molting and maturing. Therefore, they die off.

Is Sentricon Termite Control Right for Your Home?

Sentricon is suitable for you if you are looking for an effective termite control solution that is safe for your family and does not harm the environment. Sentricon has been proven to be an efficient and safe treatment for termite control. We recommend this product if you want to maintain the integrity of your yard, as it does not damage your property.

Sentricon Termite Control FAQs

Does the Sentricon System Attract Termites?

Sentricon does not attract termites. Termites will find Sentricon stations while scavenging for food. Once they do, they will take the poisonous bait used to kill them back to their nest, poisoning the entire colony. Over time, the termites will die out, as they cannot identify that their new food source is lethal.

How Long Does the Sentricon System Take to Start Working?

Once the Sentricon system is placed, it will take effect as soon as the termites locate it as a food source. The time for termites to find the bait station depends on the size of the infestation you have in your home. Once they find the poisonous bait and bring it back to the colony, they will start dying out immediately.

Does the Sentricon System Need to Be Paired with Other Products?

The Sentricon termite treatment does not require any other products to be effective; it’s a one-stop shop for your termite problems. All you need to do is schedule a pest control appointment and get your Sentricon system set up, and you are on the road to a termite-free home.

What Makes Sentricon My Best Option?

Sentricon is a healthier, greener, and safer alternative to termiticide. Sentricon is a system based on termite behaviour, baiting termites, and exterminating entire colonies. Sentricon also offers a warranty, guaranteed so long as you have stations installed on your property.

Can Sentricon Systems Be Installed Above Ground?

While Sentricon systems are typically installed underground, targeting termites in their natural tunnels, they can also be installed above ground in situations with visible termite activity.

Is It Safe for Children & Pets to Play Near the Bait Station?

Sentricon systems are built into the ground. Therefore, only a service cover is visible. Homeowners can rest assured that their children and pets can play near the bait systems without being harmed. Sentricon uses no materials that are toxic to humans. Pets won’t have any problems either, as an animal would need to eat 200 inserts before getting sick.

Visible termite droppings

Traditional Termite Control vs. Sentricon

Traditional termite control options include termiticides, which are liquid solutions made with harsh chemicals. Sentricon is a safer, greener alternative that will eliminate your termite problem and instill peace of mind for you and your family.

How Much Does the Sentricon Termite Control System Cost?

There is a fixed cost to install a Sentricon system, and then a monthly service fee. There are different service programs to choose from. The price will vary depending on the service program you decide on. To maintain your system, it averages at about $1 per day.

If You Have a Termite Problem, Sentricon Is Your Solution

If you have a termite infestation and need treatment, Midstate Pest Control is ready to take care of it with Sentricon termite control treatment. If you have further questions or concerns about Sentricon or want to schedule your pest control appointment, contact us today!

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