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Frequently Asked Questions About Rodents

Frequently Asked Questions About Rodents

What are rodents?

Rodents are a type of mammal with continuously growing front incisor teeth. Common rodents found inside homes include mice and rats. Mice are small, agile rodents that are known for their ability to squeeze through small openings. Rats are larger than mice and are generally more aggressive. Both rodents can cause significant damage to your belongings and may carry disease.

Other types of rodents that invade properties may include squirrels, chipmunks, or gophers. While they are less common, if you find yourself with this type of infestation, you may face a serious issue if not addressed promptly.

Mice and rats are typically more active at night, while squirrels and chipmunks are more active during the day. It is important to be aware of the specific habits of the rodents in your area to effectively prevent and control rodent infestations.

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Are rodents dangerous?

A rodent infestation can pose several risks to homeowners. These pests cause property damage, such as chewing electrical wiring and other structural elements of the home. They are also a significant health risk, as they can carry a variety of diseases that may be transmitted to humans through their saliva, urine, or feces, resulting in severe illness.

These unwanted house guests also pose the risk of psychological effects. The presence of rodents in a home can cause stress and anxiety for homeowners, especially if the infestation is severe.

To keep these dangerous pests out of your home, we offer various rodent control methods to ensure maximum success in removing your rodent infestation. We offer rodent trapping, which includes tamper-resistant trapping devices placed in carefully selected areas, natural rodent repellents, and rodent bait stations that are lethal to rodents and safe for humans.

We also recommend that our clients invest in rodent exclusion. Rodent exclusion is the process of patching or sealing rodent entry points to minimize the chance of reccurring rodent infestations within your home.

Why do I have a rodent problem?

Rodents in Tennessee are drawn to people and our property because of the helpful things we provide them. The necessities they need for survival are all readily available inside and outside our homes and businesses.

Several factors may attract rodents to your home, such as:

  • Food sources: rodents are attracted to homes where they can find an easy food supply.
  • Water sources: accessible water is required for rodents to survive.
  • Comfortable shelter: a warm space away from the cold, such as a basement or attic.
  • Entry points: small openings or cracks in the foundation welcome rodents.
  • Clutter: cluttered homes provide more hiding places.

Additionally, rodents tend to be prolific breeders. This means that an infestation of one rodent can quickly become a big problem! House mice are capable of reproducing at a rapid rate. Female mice can become sexually mature at just six weeks of age and have litters of up to eight young every three weeks. This means a single pair of mice can produce over 120 offspring in a year.

Where will I find rodents?

Rodents love to use our homes and commercial structures as a refuge. They offer them a temperature-controlled environment, safety from larger predators, and easy access to food and water.

Inside our homes, rodents like to hang out in quiet, secluded areas like attics, wall voids, and crawl spaces. Other popular nesting sites are areas behind large appliances, under furniture, and in storage boxes.

If you suspect you may have a rodent issue, there are several warning signs to look out for, including:

  • Sightings of live or dead rodents
  • Rodent droppings
  • Gnaw marks or chewed-up items
  • Nests
  • Strange, musky odors
  • Squeaking or scratching noises

For assistance with a potential rodent problem, please get in touch with us and speak with one of our rodent control experts!

How do I get rid of rodents?

Always get rid of rodents with the help of a professional, never DIY rodent control. Rodent poisons, also known as rodenticides, can effectively control rodent infestations but can also be dangerous if misused. Rodenticides can be toxic to humans and pets, and accidental ingestion can lead to serious illness or death. It is best to leave rodent control to certified experts who prioritize your safety.

Our rodent control process is a comprehensive solution that ensures long-term rodent solutions. With knowledge and experience, we identify the specific type of pest that is causing your distress and tailor our approach accordingly. We begin by conducting a thorough inspection of your property to identify the infestation area and the rodent species. We then place or apply rodent control treatments in the designated areas and provide you with a detailed report of our service and helpful prevention tips.

In addition, Midstate Termite & Pest Control can provide ongoing monitoring and maintenance to help prevent future infestations. Our team of fully licensed and insured professionals is dedicated to restoring your comfort with safe and effective solutions performed with the utmost professionalism.

How can I prevent rodents in the future?

There are certain measures you may take to prevent rodent infestations in your home, such as:

  • Remove clutter and debris in or around your property.
  • Organize your storage areas.
  • Maintain or repair your gutters.
  • Address leaking pipes and faucets.
  • Clean up fallen fruit around your property.
  • Stay on top of cleaning.
  • Repackage food into rodent-proof containers.
  • Clean and pick up pet food and water bowls each night.

One mouse is a nuisance, but a rodent infestation is a problem, and when there is one, you can guarantee there are more. If you’re faced with a rodent infestation, Midstate Termite & Pest Control is here to restore the safety and comfort of your Cookeville or Crossville home with industry-leading rodent control services.

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