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Frequently Asked Questions About Pantry & Fabric Pests

Frequently Asked Questions About Pantry & Fabric Pests

What are pantry & fabric pests?

Pantry and fabric pests are those insects that are known for feeding on the cereals, flours, herbs, spices, chocolate, and other packaged foods that may be found stored in your property’s pantry or feeding on books, stored fabrics, and clothing around the interior of your property.

Around our area of Cookeville and Crossville, Tennessee, there are a few different types of pantry and fabric pests that you should keep an eye out for, including:

  • Confused flour beetles
  • Book Lice
  • Pantry moths
  • Pantry beetles

All of these pantry and fabric pest species may cause serious issues around your property, and using DIY pantry pest control products or pesticides where you store food and items by yourself can be dangerous. Midstate Termite & Pest Control is ready to help you identify pantry and fabric pests and provide simple eradication solutions.

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Are pantry & fabric pests dangerous?

While pantry and fabric pests aren’t known to bite humans, they do contaminate food and can cause significant problems as you need to dispose of costly stored food items. Pantry pests may destroy books, clothing, and other upholstered items around your property, something that creates significant damage and can be difficult to repair, especially when sentimental items are lost.

Additionally, finding pantry and fabric pests around your property might cause stress, anxiety, or fear as you work to combat an infestation, which is why professional pantry pest control is needed to relieve your worries.

Why do I have a pantry & fabric pest problem?

Occasionally, these nuisance insects will find their way into your pantry and storage areas from outdoors by simply slipping through gaps or cracks around your property’s windows and doors. However, pantry and fabric pest problems typically start at the grocery store, where these pests are already infesting an item that is purchased and brought to your property. The longer an item is stored in your pantry, the higher the chance for pantry pest larvae to grow into adults and create a widespread infestation.

Where will I find pantry & fabric pests?

Pantry and fabric pests are typically found hiding in pantries or other food storage areas, around kitchen cabinets, or in storage spaces like attics and basements with plenty of books, clothing, and other starchy items to chew on.

How do I get rid of pantry & fabric pests?

If you want to know how to get rid of pantry pests for good, look no further than Midstate Termite & Pest Control. Our team of expert technicians will inspect your property for pantry pest issues and craft effective solutions with pantry pest repellents to totally remove these nuisance pests. With our help, you can skip the DIY pantry pest traps and rely on our knowledgeable team to help protect your property and food storage areas.

Call us today to get started with a home pest control program to protect your property.

How can I prevent pantry & fabric pests in the future?

Prevent pantry and fabric pests in the future by following our expert tips to keep these pests off of your property:

  • Store all food in tight, pest-proof containers such as glass or plastic jars with tight-fitting lids.
  • Clean up crumbs and other food or drink spills around your property to stop them from attracting pests.
  • Make sure the pantry and food storage areas are cleaned regularly, and don’t let stored food go unused for extended periods of time.
  • Store books, fabrics, and clothing in plastic containers to keep fabric pests from invading these items.

To learn more about pantry and fabric pest control in Cookeville and Crossville, TN, contact Midstate Termite & Pest Control today.

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