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Frequently Asked Questions About Millipedes

What are millipedes?

Millipedes are arthropods that have a worm-like appearance and many legs. These pests have high moisture needs and regularly find their way into the outdoor spaces surrounding our houses, garages, and sheds. 

We identify millipedes by their long cylindrical, segmented body and two pairs of legs extending from each body segment. They are usually black, red, or brown and have short antennae. Most millipedes grow to about one inch long, and a hard exoskeleton covers their body. When millipedes feel threatened or die, they curl into a tight ball. 

For the best local home pest control to eliminate millipedes and other unwanted pests from your property, trust the Tennessee professionals at Midstate Termite & Pest Control.

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Are millipedes dangerous?

Millipedes are more of a nuisance than a danger. However, it is important to limit your contact with these pests and avoid purposely picking them up.

Millipedes emit liquid secretions from glands on the sides of their body. When the secretions make contact with your skin, it can cause painful blisters. Luckily, millipedes are slow-moving and hide in damp, dark areas, so staying away from them is easy. These pests typically only become a problem when they invade our homes in large numbers.

Why do I have a millipede problem?

Millipedes have high moisture needs and live outside in damp soil areas. Their diet consists of decaying organic materials, so millipedes like to call flowerbeds, gardens, and wooded regions home when they are in our yards. Typically, they only become an issue for people when they move indoors seeking cool, damp shelter. Periods of hot weather, lack of rain, or heavy rains will cause millipedes to migrate into our homes while searching for safe shelter. Unfortunately, things in our homes, like poor ventilation, dripping pipes, and other moisture issues, attract the attention of millipedes and draw them indoors.

Where will I find millipedes?

Millipedes can make themselves at home in many places in our yards. Some of the most common millipede habitats include the damp soil found under:

  • Landscaping ties

  • Mulch

  • Fallen trees

  • Leaf piles

  • Wood piles

  • Plant pots

  • Trash cans

  • Recycling bins

If millipedes wind up in your home, they usually enter at ground level through cracks in the foundation or gaps under doors. Once inside, they stay at ground level and call basements, crawl spaces, wall voids, and utility rooms home. Because they like moisture, these pests are often found around drains and under sinks.

How do I get rid of millipedes?

At Midstate Termite & Pest Control, we will get rid of millipedes from your home. These unwanted pests are creepy and unpleasant, and sharing your homes with them is unnecessary. 

Our home pest control services have a 100% service guarantee. By partnering with us, you can ensure your home’s millipede problem will be solved and that these pests won’t return. Our friendly, knowledgeable, and experienced professionals are here to help you meet your home’s unique pest control needs. Learn more about millipede pest control in Cookeville and Crossville, or schedule your free inspection by reaching out today.

How can I prevent millipedes in the future?

Keep millipedes out of your home with the help of the following prevention tips:

  • Install door sweeps on all exterior doors.

  • Repair cracks in your home’s foundation. 

  • Make sure gutters and their downspouts direct rainwater away from the perimeter of your home

  • Create a barrier between mulch, shrubs, and bushes and your home’s foundation. 

  • Repair leaky pipes, drippy faucets, and punctured hoses to reduce excess moisture that attracts millipedes.

  • Use dehumidifiers to lower humidity levels in your home.

For home pest control in Cookeville and Crossville, Tennessee, that will solve your millipede issues once and for all, reach out today!

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