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Frequently Asked Questions About Flying Insects

Frequently Asked Questions About Flying Insects

What are flying insects?

Flying insects refers to a category of pests known for their wings and ability to fly. House flies, mosquitoes, certain types of beetles, and flying insects that sting, such as wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets, are all considered flying insects, along with carpenter bees in Tennessee and certain other types of flies.

Many individuals may find themselves frightened by flying insects, especially ones that may sting or pass disease, or bothered by the nuisance that flying insects such as beetles and flies bring. In these cases, it’s best to contact Midstate Termite & Pest Control for the reliable pest control tactics you need to be protected from flying insects for good.

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Are flying insects dangerous?

Flying insects can range from nuisance to dangerous pests depending on the species you are dealing with. For example, carpenter bees may cause significant and costly damage to the wooden areas of your home, and diseases carried by mosquitoes include West Nile virus, dengue, chikungunya, encephalitis, and tularemia.

Flying stinging insects may deliver painful stings, or they may swarm individuals as they sting, triggering pain and potential allergic reactions. Flies are another problematic insect, and these pests easily bring bacteria and pathogens onto your property as they scavenge for food.

Most types of beetles are more of a nuisance than anything, but they may still trigger allergic reactions, frighten individuals, or damage property as they leave behind droppings.

Why do I have a flying insect problem?

Flying insects, like most other pests, are attracted to properties with plenty of food, moisture, and sheltered spaces for them to live. Carpenter bees love moist or damaged wood to invade, and flying stinging insects typically make their nests around the siding of human structures, under decks, or in attics and the spaces between walls.

Mosquitoes are attracted to properties with lots of overgrown grass and damp areas, and flies are attracted to uncovered trash, food, or pet waste around your property.

Midstate Termite & Pest Control will help you determine the underlying cause of your flying insect problem and provide tailored treatment solutions.

Where will I find flying insects?

Flying insects are typically found hiding outdoors around long grasses, debris piles, trash cans, and compost piles or nesting high in trees or in wooden areas. Once they invade interior spaces, you may see them scavenging food in kitchens or pantries, buzzing around trash cans, or infiltrating storage spaces, attics, bathrooms, and the space between walls.

How do I get rid of flying insects?

If you want to get rid of flying insects for good, your first step is to contact Midstate Termite & Pest Control. Our team is ready to help you identify the type of flying insect causing problems on your property, using this information to help us craft effective home pest treatment plans. With our help, you’ll be free from any infestation of flying insects that are bothering you in Cookeville or Crossville, TN.

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How can I prevent flying insects in the future?

Prevent flying insects in the future by following our expert tips below:

  • Clear outdoor areas of long grasses, overgrown foliage, debris piles, and holes in the ground.
  • Make sure trash bags are tightly sealed and cover over trash cans or compost piles when possible.
  • Seal gaps around windows, doors, your property’s foundation, utility areas, and the roof to keep all kinds of flying insects outside.
  • Clean up food and drink spills immediately and store all leftover food properly.
  • Address moisture issues to prevent damp, humid conditions from forming.

Contact Midstate Termite & Pest Control today for more information on flying insects and how to defeat these pests.

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