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Frequently Asked Questions About Crickets

Frequently Asked Questions About Crickets

What are crickets?

Crickets are nocturnal insects well-known for the loud chirping sounds they make at night. Cricket infestations quickly become widespread on untreated properties, and these problematic insects bring some dangers to your property. In our area of Cookeville and Crossville, TN, there are a few different types of crickets to keep an eye out for, such as:

  • House crickets
  • Cave crickets
  • Camel crickets

The size and exact color of crickets depend on species, but you can expect these insects to grow upwards of an inch in length, be brown, green, or grayish in color, and have a large pair of hind legs that they use to make impressive jumps.

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Are crickets dangerous?

Even though crickets aren’t considered a severe threat, they cause havoc when invading properties in large numbers. Inside your home, crickets feed on fabrics like carpets, clothing, and curtains, leaving behind holes and damaging threads. Cricket droppings may also stain surfaces and fabrics on your property, and cricket sounds can easily cause you to lose sleep as these chirps can be fairly loud.

The best way to deal with these pests and avoid the dangers they bring is to contact Midstate Termite & Pest Control for effective cricket removal solutions.

Why do I have a cricket problem?

Crickets often find themselves seeking shelter in human structures, especially as cold weather approaches. These pests enjoy moisture, warmth, and dark spaces to hide in, and they will easily infiltrate cracks or gaps around your property’s windows, doors, or foundations to invade interior areas.

Crickets are also attracted to lights, and electric lights that are left on constantly, such as garage lighting, security lighting, or garden lighting, may attract crickets in search of light and warmth.

Where will I find crickets?

Crickets are typically found outdoors gathering around piles of debris, long grasses, moist areas, and spaces with plenty of outdoor lighting; they are commonly seen around dusk, dawn, and throughout the night as nocturnal insects. Once they invade interior spaces, crickets are drawn to damp, dark, and moist areas, and you will find them in basements, bathrooms, crawl spaces, kitchens, or storage areas.

How do I get rid of crickets?

Get rid of crickets the right way by contacting Midstate Termite & Pest Control. We have decades of experience helping individuals in the Cookeville and Crossville, TN, area remove cricket infestations from their properties, and our expert team of technicians utilizes thorough treatment plans to get rid of cricket infestations and their entryways onto your property.

Call us today to learn more about our cricket and home pest control solutions or to get started.

How can I prevent crickets in the future?

Cricket prevention steps are essential to utilize on your property if you want to ensure that crickets are kept at bay, and your property is safe from reinfestation. Our expert team recommends following these cricket prevention steps:

  • Clear outdoor areas of long grasses, debris piles, and overgrown shrubs to reduce hiding spots.
  • Fix moisture issues and leaks inside and outside of your property to prevent damp and humid areas from occurring.
  • Seal gaps around your property’s windows, doors, foundation, and utility areas to keep crickets out.
  • Invest in motion-sensor light as an alternative outdoor or security lighting setup to prevent crickets from gathering around lights on your property.
  • Seal trash bags tightly, dispose of trash promptly, and clean up any food or drink spills right away.

Reach out to Midstate Termite & Pest Control today for further cricket prevention advice or control assistance for your Cookeville or Crossville, TN, property.

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