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Mice and Rats Pest Control in Cookeville, TN

Whether you have an infestation, or just a lonely mouse looking for a warm place to nest, Midstate can take care of your issue! A lot of people may not know much about mice, so we would like to educate you a little. Mice can actually squeeze through very small openings, some as small as a quarter of an inch. Wow!

Mice typically become more of an issue when the weather begins to get colder outside and they need a warm place to nest. If a mouse does make its way into your home, they may not want to leave. Mice can have over a hundred babies a year, quickly turning into an infestation if not taken care of quickly by a pest professional. Mice also carry lots of germs and the first sign you may notice is their droppings. They have no shame and also no bathroom, so droppings are an obvious sign that you may have unexpected company!

Mice control services in Cookeville, TN

Prevent Mice from Entering Your Home

A safe way to prevent mice from entering is to make sure there are no holes for them to enter, and if there are have them repaired as soon as possible. Once they make their way in, if they find a good nesting spot, water source, and food source, they can quickly become a big issue. Give MidState a call before you have a lot of uninvited guests!

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