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Frequently Asked Questions About Mice

Frequently Asked Questions About Mice

What are mice?

Mice are a type of rodent; some species have adapted to living near people and have become regular unwanted, unsettling fixtures in our homes and businesses. We identify a mouse by its small oval body, long tail, triangular head shape, and large, prominent ears. Their tail and ears are covered in a light layer of velvety fur, and their bodies are covered in brown, black, or gray fur. Typically their underbelly is lighter in color than the rest of the body. Mice and all other rodents have sharp, chisel-like front incisors that continuously grow throughout their life.

A mouse scurrying across your kitchen floor is not as cute as the cartoons make it seem. Whether you notice one rodent or several, you should contact the Midstate Termite & Pest Control professionals. We provide thorough mouse pest controlservices for homeowners in Cookeville, TN, and the surrounding area.

Our locally owned and operated company has been Middle Tennessee’s pest control leader for nearly 70 years. We are proud to continue providing our proven approach to customers throughout the region. Most mice are merely looking for a food source or warm place to rest, but that does not mean their presence is any less unsettling. We will inspect your property for access points and infestations before tailoring a solution that will leave your home rodent-free. 

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Are mice dangerous?

Mice are both dangerous and destructive. Even a single mouse can create many problems for home and business owners. Mice are known to carry disease. When they infiltrate your food sources, they spread contamination. Not only that, mice can gnaw on materials within the home, leading to structural issues. Business owners must be especially careful about a mouse infestation, as a single mouse sighting can severely damage their reputation.

Why do I have a mouse problem?

No one wants to discover that they have a mouse infestation in their home. However, it’s more common than you may think. Homes and businesses provide mice with everything they need to survive and thrive, including food, water, shelter, and safety from predators. Mice have adapted to living near people and taking advantage of the things we provide that make their survival easier. Once mice are comfortable and their needs are met, persuading them to leave can be difficult.

Where will I find mice?

Mice can invade your home through tiny holes about the size of a quarter in your foundation, gaps between your basement windows, and under doors. Once inside, they will retreat to dark, quiet spaces that provide them with shelter during the day and easy food access as they emerge to forage at night. Common places we find mouse nests are behind kitchen cabinets and appliances, the backs of pantries, crawl spaces, basement clutter, and wall voids.

When these pests invade your home, there are a number of signs of a mouse infestation that you may notice, including:

  • Droppings – Mouse droppings are often found in the corners of kitchen cabinets, underneath appliances, and in drawers. They are usually about the size and shape of a grain of rice. If you see droppings, a mouse has been feeding in the area.
  • Gnaw Marks – It can be easy to overlook gnaw marks on food in your kitchen. When mice scavenge, they tear at plastic, paper, and cardboard to get to nearby food sources. You may also notice tiny shreds of material around your kitchen.
  • Nests – Mice use nearly anything to create nests, including leaves, hair, lint, paper, and plastic.
  • Scratching in the Walls – Mice are nocturnal and actively scavenge for food at night. They travel behind the walls of your house to get to where they know there is food. You may hear scratching behind the walls while you lay in bed.

If you are concerned about mice in your home, never hesitate to reach out to a local rodent control professional for assistance.

How do I get rid of mice?

Every mouse infestation is unique, and our trained technicians approach it as such. During our consultation, we will listen to your concerns and investigate common signs of an infestation. Once we’ve determined the severity, we will create a custom plan to get rid of your mouse problem. Our comprehensive approach not only deals with the mice that have invaded your home but also aims to prevent a future infestation and provide you with peace of mind.

Since 1953, Midstate Termite & Pest Control has been the area’s leader in mice control and prevention. Our highly-trained team knows to investigate the extent of your home’s infestation and make recommendations about how to best get rid of it. Equipped with the latest tools and solutions for mouse removal and home pest control, you can feel confident we’ll get the job done. We have already helped thousands of homeowners throughout Cookeville, Crossville, and surrounding communities, and we’re confident we can help you too.

How can I prevent mice in the future?

The most effective way to prevent mice from entering your home is to minimize any gaps or crevices through which they may be able to squeeze. If you notice a hole in your floorboards, basement, crawlspaces, or any other area of your home, you should seal it immediately. Mice can contort their bodies to shimmy through tiny spaces, so do not ignore any openings leading into your home. You should also store food in airtight containers to limit nourishment for the critters and minimize the clutter that could otherwise serve as a warm hiding spot. For more mouse prevention tips, please get in touch with us today.

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