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The Dos And Don'ts Of Ant Control: An Extensive Guide For Crossville Homeowners

ants eating a crumb of cake on the kitchen floor

Many homeowners underestimate how common and problematic ants can be. From food contamination to property damage, ants can be some of the most annoying insects to have to deal with in your home, especially given how hard they are to eradicate. 

With help from Midstate Termite & Pest Control, however, local residents can get effective ant control in Crossville that quickly eliminates ants and protects your home from future incursions. Contact us today to learn more. 

Do Know The Warning Signs Of An Ant Infestation 

Because they are such small insects, ants can hide around local properties for weeks before homeowners recognize a problem. They are also drawn to all kinds of homes and businesses, thanks to the food, water, and shelter that our structures provide. 

Preventing and responding to ant invasions is all about spotting the signs of an infestation early on, so here’s what to watch out for:  

  • Hills and tunnels: Different types of ants form different structures for their colonies, but they almost all originate outdoors and leave evidence in local lawns that a population is growing nearby. 

  • Plant damage: Continuing on the thread of how ant populations first form outdoors, they often first feed on residential grasses and shrubs before moving to interior food sources. 

  • Odors: One of the most common types of ants is odorous house ants, which give off a distinct aroma to warn other ants in their colony of danger or to direct them to food sources. 

Learn more about how to spot the signs of ants around your home, and schedule an inspection from local experts to make sure nothing gets missed by contacting Midstate Termite & Pest Control. 

Don't Underestimate The Risks Of Ants In The House 

Compared to some pests, an ant infestation can seem like a walk in the park. Not many species are known to carry diseases, and compared to the property damage that pests like termites can cause, ant problems seem mild. 

But you shouldn’t underestimate the risks an infestation can pose, especially if it goes untreated for a while. Ant populations can number in the hundreds or thousands, spreading throughout a home and contaminating food sources and surfaces where we eat and prepare our meals. Some species can also pose larger property damage concerns and even health dangers. 

This is why it’s crucial to turn to local experts for guidance on how to prevent ant colonies from invading and quickly eliminate them before the problems get worse. Contact Midstate Termite & Pest Control today. 

Do Call The Professionals At The First Sign Of Ants 

Trying to deal with an ant problem on your own is a good way to waste time and money. Store-bought baits and traps will only get you so far because these methods don’t guarantee the elimination of the breeding queens that sustain the ant population in the first place. That means you’ll have spent money on a treatment that just allows the ant problem to grow right back. 

Instead, you need professional methods that are backed by service guarantees. Midstate Termite & Pest Control provides ant control for homeowners in Crossville, so contact us today to get started. 

Don't Forget These Ant Prevention Tips 

Eliminating existing pests is one thing, but keeping them out entirely is another. It’s important to take these ant prevention steps to help lower your risk of an infestation in Crossville: 

  • Crack sealing: Ants can slip inside your walls through tiny cracks and holes, meaning you need to inspect for and repair any faults you find around your walls. 

  • Food and trash storage: Ants are drawn to food sources, whether they are crumbs on the floor or scraps thrown in your trash. 

  • Moisture control: Ants are also drawn to sources of moisture, so addressing areas of your home that experience leaks or poor ventilation is another key prevention measure. 

Keeping ants out of your home is easier with ant pest control services that are proactive and effective, so turn to Midstate Termite & Pest Control to get true protection.

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