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Keeping Your Tennessee Home Safe From Bed Bugs

If you're a frequent traveler, bed bug prevention is just a fact of life. But did you know that even those who don't travel can wind up with a bed bug problem? There are plenty of ways besides travel to get bed bugs. This is why you have to be vigilant against these disgusting pests all the time.

Bed bugs are parasitic insects that take up residence in your bed and other areas of your home after hitching a ride inside on you or your belongings. Travel is, of course, the most common way to get bed bugs. You stay in an infested hotel or pass through an infested airport, and all of a sudden, you start finding bed bugs in your home a little while later.

Another major way to wind up with bed bugs is secondhand shopping. When you shop at places like garage sales or thrift stores, you are potentially exposing yourself to bed bugs by bringing infested items into your home. Some thrift stores attempt to prevent bed bugs, and others don't. It's also more than possible for individuals to have a bed bug infestation and sell infested items without knowing it. This is why it's easy to wind up with bed bugs shopping this way.

It's also part of the reason why bed bug control in Cookeville is so hard. Bed bugs are sneaky little insects, and they can hitch a ride into your home and set up shop without you ever knowing. They can go months at a time, slowly and sneakily breeding and feeding on you while you're none the wiser. It's very common for people to mistake bed bug bites for mosquito or flea bites. This means you might not catch a bed bug infestation until it is already well-established.

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Our Bed Bug Control Process

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Bed bug removal is extremely difficult for homeowners to do on their own. It requires specialized equipment and a deep understanding of how bed bugs operate. This is why it's best to trust the experts here at Midstate Termite & Pest Control for your bed bug needs. Our bed bug control process can get rid of any size infestation, from a single room to a whole house.

We start off with a thorough inspection to determine which rooms are infested and how to best apply treatments. This inspection can help us determine the extent of your bed bug infestation and formulate a treatment plan.

Next, we'll put our plan into action. We offer a range of treatments to help ensure your home is totally bed bug-free.

Why Our Bed Bug Approach Is Different

When it comes to bed bug control services in Tennessee, there's only one company to call: Midstate Termite & Pest Control. We are completely dedicated to customer satisfaction, to the point that we encourage you to look for bed bugs after our initial treatment so that we can immediately retreat in the unlikely event that there are still bed bugs present after we eradicate them the first time.

This is why we are the best bed bug control service around. We will do whatever it takes to ensure that your home is free from bed bugs, no matter the size of your infestation or how long it takes to get rid of it. 

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Our 100% Customer Satisfaction Promise

Here at Midstate Termite & Pest Control, we've been in the business of total customer satisfaction for 70 years. Since 1953, Middle Tennessee residents have trusted us to keep them safe from all sorts of pests, including bed bugs. This is because we will not rest until we have gotten every pest out of your house. If you are not totally satisfied with our service, we will do everything we can to make it right.

Trust Midstate Termite & Pest Control For All Your Bed Bug Needs

Bed bug infestations can be subtle, especially at the beginning. This is why keeping a lookout for signs of bed bugs can help you catch infestations early on, which can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars on treatment. Bed bug signs include:

  • Small brown stains on sheets
  • Clustered bites where your skin contacts the bed
  • Bed bug eggs (look like small sesame seeds)
  • Bed bug exoskeletons
  • Live bed bugs

If you start seeing signs like the ones listed above, don't hesitate to call in bed bug experts right away. For the best bed bug and home pest control around, trust the best bed bug control company in town: Midstate Termite & Pest Control.

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