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Midstate Pest Control Offers Termidor Termite Treatments

A termite infestation left untreated can cause costly damage to your home. Midstate Pest Control offers Termidor treatments to remove your termite problem before you face structural damage in your home. Termidor is a liquid termite treatment option that ensures proper management of your termite problem.

Termidor termite control in Cookeville, TN

How Termidor Termite Control Works

Termidor is a liquid treatment strategically placed in the ground around a home’s perimeter in the direct path of the termites. Termidor does not repel termites. When termites come across it, they will ingest it or bring it back to their colony, which results in the termites dying. Termites cannot detect Termidor’s presence, making it a guaranteed option to save your home.

The Benefits of Termidor Termite Control

Termidor offers a variety of benefits. It not only kills termites through ingestion, but it also kills them on contact. It is non-toxic to humans, pets, and plants.

Termidor Treatment FAQs

What Types of Termites Does Termidor Termite Control Manage?

Termidor can kill subterranean termites, including Formosan, dry, and damp wood termites. Additionally, Termidor can kill off other types of insects that frequent your property, like ants, cockroaches, centipedes, and beetles.

How Long Does It Take to Complete a Termidor Termite Treatment?

Termidor treatment will start working immediately once applied to the soil around your property. By the three-month mark, it has proven to be 100% effective in controlling termite problems, making it a quick and efficient treatment option.

Does Termidor Termite Control Leave an Odor?

Termidor has no odor, and since it is water-based, there will also be no solvent smell. You and your family won’t even notice it’s there.

Can Termidor Be Applied Inside Your Home?

Termidor is generally applied to the exterior of your home, placed in the soil to protect the perimeter of your structure. However, in severe cases, a certified technician may treat the interior parts of your home where there has been termite activity. It depends on the damage and level of your infestation.

Where Can I Purchase Termidor?

Termidor is not available for over-the-counter purchasing. Termidor must be applied by a licensed professional that has taken the proper Termidor certification training. Midstate Pest Control experts can apply the Termidor treatment at your earliest convenience.

How Often Should You Have Your Termidor Treatment Reapplied?

Termidor is 100% effective in three months, but it must be reapplied to prevent another termite problem.

Is Termidor Termite Treatment Safe for My Children and Pets?

Termidor treatment is non-toxic to humans, pets, and even plant life. Once your Termidor treatment is applied and dried, it is safe for your children or pets to play around the treated area. It is odorless and dries quickly and will be unnoticeable.

How Much Does Termidor Termite Control Cost?

A Termidor treatment varies in price depending on your pest control provider. The price will be dependent on the plan you decide on with your pest control specialists and the severity of your termite situation. You can contact us at Midstate Pest Control to discuss your options.

What Makes Termidor Termite Control Different

Termidor is at the front line of termite control, as it not only kills by ingestion, but also on contact. Termites cannot detect it, and they cannot avoid it, making it an excellent option to rid yourself of a termite problem.

Call Midstate Pest Control for Your Termite Problem

If you are dealing with a termite problem and want a guaranteed solution, contact Midstate Pest Control today! Our industry-leading experts are here to help you reclaim your home and peace of mind by eliminating your termite problem using Termidor.

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