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Midstate Pest Control’s Mosquito Elimination Services

Mosquitoes are a potentially dangerous and highly annoying problem. Midstate Pest Control gladly provides mosquito control services in Cookeville, TN and Crossville, TN. Family-owned and operated for over 70 years, we’re proud to be the oldest pest control solution company in middle Tennessee. Our skilled team has a 14-man route with the best skills and equipment to service the area. We use the most proven and innovative techniques to control mosquito problems. Our trusted specialists ensure you don’t have to live with buzzing and biting every season. Contact us for a free inspection!

Mosquito control services by Midstate Pest Control in Cookeville, TN

Mosquito Control Process

Our mosquito control process includes:

  • Larval Control – We start eliminating mosquitos in the larval phase that grow and live around standing areas of water. Our technicians examine standing water around your property to determine the location of mosquito larvae. We’ll identify and provide steps to eliminate harborage. Our team applies a chemical treatment larvicide to target the growing mosquito population specifically. 
  • Liquid Treatments – We control adult mosquito populations by applying adulticides, a form of liquid treatment. These liquid sprays are applied to common areas of mosquito growth, helping to reduce the adult mosquito population in the area.
  • Fogging Treatments – Fogging treatments are designed to eliminate adult mosquito populations. Fogging chemicals are similar to liquid treatment chemicals but are applied through an aerosol or fine mist.

Expectations Of Our Mosquito Control Services

We understand it’s impossible to eradicate entire populations of mosquitoes. The best way to reduce their population is to use mosquito control services. We’ll work tirelessly to eliminate mosquito larvae and wipe out as many mosquitoes as possible. You can expect our devotion to your mosquito problem and more, including:

  • A detailed inspection around your home and property by our experienced professionals
  • Identification of larvae with steps to eliminate harborage
  • Expert recommendations for the outdoor and indoor mosquito treatment
  • A detailed review of our recommended mosquito treatment
  • Fast and effective treatment services
  • Monthly treatments for mosquito population reduction

Tips To Control Mosquitoes

Our Midstate Pest Control team ensures a reduction of your mosquito problem. You can help us further our mosquito control services in a few ways, including:

  • Repair leaks in outdoor faucets or pipes
  • Maintain clean gutters
  • Watch out for standing areas of water
  • Empty pools and birdbaths on a routine basis
  • Install screens on doors and windows

Why choose Midstate Pest Control For Mosquito Control?

Midstate Termite and Pest Control have served the area since 1953. Our friendly customer service and outstanding pest control services ensure your needs are met. We always support our work with our 100% Guarantee. We’ll inspect your property for free and give you a bid for our treatment without any strings attached. We understand pests are pesky, and we want to help Tennessee residents eliminate them. Our multi-step process to getting rid of pests helps us accurately diagnose the issue and find the best treatment to meet your specific pest needs.

Call Us for Mosquito Control in Cookeville, TN

Get rid of pesky mosquitoes today! Midstate Pest Control will help you with your fight to eliminate the buzzing and biting of mosquitoes around your home and property. Our team has a high level of experience getting rid of bugs, ants, rodents, and other pests. Contact Midstate Termite and Pest Control for your mosquito inspection today in Cookeville, TN or Crossville, TN.

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