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Moisture Control Services in Cookeville, TN

Midstate Pest Control is the most trusted source for moisture control in Cookeville, TN. Family-owned and operated for over 70 years, we are the oldest pest, moisture, and humidity control solution in middle Tennessee. Our team consists of a 14-man route with the skills and equipment necessary to service your home. We’ve built and maintained a sterling reputation by delivering complete customer satisfaction that exceeds expectations. We’re friendly, people-oriented professionals who keep your services contract-free and non-committal. We don’t have salesmen; we have devoted specialists who guide you from inspection to completion throughout your service. You can trust us for unmatched services for a happier home.

What is Residential Moisture Control?

Simply put, moisture control is controlling the moisture levels and buildup in your home. The control process prevents water intrusion, condensation, and excess from your home’s interior and exterior. Our specific services include but are not limited to treating mildew and fungus, installing moisture barriers, and providing a dehumidifier.

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What Causes Home Moisture Buildup?

Your home could experience high humidity and moisture buildup from a range of interior and exterior causes. The only way to determine the precise cause is to request a professional inspection. Our experts will be able to tell you which of the following is causing your moisture issue:

  • Excessive water invasion or flooding.
  • Rain and groundwater are oversaturating your soil.
  • Water leaking from cracks in your foundation or crawl space.
  • Humidity creates water vapor buildup and excessive condensation.
  • Broken, damaged, or dysfunctional ventilation systems.
  • Water for household use, such as cooking and cleaning, remaining unvented.

Why Do I Need Moisture Control Services?

We live in a particularly humid area of the country, which means your home may be more susceptible to moisture issues. High humidity could lead to immense structural damage to your home if left untreated, costing you thousands in repairs later down the road. Mold buildup pollutes the air within your home, which can cause minor to severe health issues, especially if someone in your home has a preexisting health condition.

Further, moisture buildup attracts pests such as cockroaches, termites, earwigs, and other crawling invaders. If you notice the following signs of humidity damage in your home, we recommend calling us to inspect your property and install proper ventilation:

  • Minor, moderate, or severe leaking from your plumbing or roofing systems.
  • Moisture buildup from water used for cooking, cleaning, and washing.
  • Drainage system damage, such as broken gutters and downspouts.
  • Flooding due to your sewers or drainage systems backing up.
  • Condensation, mildew, fungus, mold, or watermark buildup.
  • General dampness in your basement, crawl spaces, or attic.

We Offer Crawl Space Moisture Control Solutions

Dealing with high humidity and potential moisture buildup may feel overwhelming, but you can get help. Our experts have the tools, equipment, capabilities, and skills to provide you with renewed ventilation, saving you time, money, energy, and headache in the long run. We’ll restore the functionality, health, and happiness of your home with the following services:

  • Ventilation Systems: Our superior ventilation systems improve your air quality, eliminate musty or unpleasant odors, and reduce damage to your home. We can provide ventilation systems for primary humidity sources that are harder to maintain, including the basement and crawl space moisture control systems.
  • Dehumidifiers: We provide dehumidifiers that eliminate humidity from your home while taking up minimal space. Dehumidifiers are ideal for particular areas that produce high humidity, reducing and removing mold and mildew, pest infestations, and saving on your monthly energy bill.
  • Vapor Barriers: Using a protective, heavy-duty, and industry-grade plastic covering, we’ll cover the dirt floor of your lower crawl space. Our vapor barrier service keeps the surface clean and dry, preventing water buildup and boosting your home’s energy efficiency.
  • Other Solutions: Alternatives such as fungus and sand treatments can be used for your home depending on your specific needs. Our specialists will determine what you need during an inspection.

Prevent Property Damage Caused by Moisture

Many homeowners incur thousands in household damages due to moisture buildup every year. By scheduling an inspection with our trusted professionals today, you’ll save you and your family time, money, and energy by fixing your moisture buildup before it causes massive damage. If you detect the signs of buildup, our team will be happy to inspect your property and determine the right solution and moisture control services for you.

Call Us for Moisture Control in Cookeville, TN.

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