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Fabric Pest Control by Midstate Termite and Pest Control

Discovering an insect among your food can make your feel uneasy. Instead of throwing out hundreds of dollars’ worth of groceries, contact Midstate Termite and Pest Control in Cookeville, TN. Since 1953, we have provided convenient and effective pantry pest control solutions that are as effective against these pests as they are safe for your family. As a member of the National Pest Management Association, you can feel confident in our services. We follow all CDC recommended COVID-19 guidelines to ensure that everyone is safe while we’re treating your home. Our worry-free guarantee means that if you’re not entirely satisfied with the quality of or work, we’ll make it right. Contact our team today to get started.

Pantry Pest Identification

A variety of different insects feed on cereals, flour, herbs, spices, chocolate, and a variety of other items typically found in your home’s pantry. Occasionally, these insects find their way into homes from the outdoors. However, more commonly, they are brought into the home from products found in grocery stores. The initial infestation can originate at the processing plant, warehouse, delivery vehicle, or retail location. The longer the item is stored at one location, the higher the chance of infestation. These destructive pests can create a lot of issues for you and your family. If you have identified any of these types of pests in your home, it’s best to call the professionals at Midstate Termite and Pest Control. Attempting to use pesticides where you store food can be dangerous if not properly monitored by a professional. Learn more about the type of pantry pests we can help eliminate.

Confused Flour Beetle

Flour, cornmeal, rice, and breakfast cereal – these are just a few of the places you may find the confused flour beetle. While we may not want this creature in our kitchen pantry, it does play an important recycling role in nature. Beetles eat dead plants and animals, which return to the soil as valuable nutrients. To keep your home free of confused flour beetles:

  • Locate the source of the infestation and get rid of it.
  • Store items in insect-proof containers, such as glass or heavy plastic, and refrigerate them.

Book Louse

As its name implies, this insect enjoys snacking on the glue and molds found in old books. It also feasts on molds associated with cereals, furniture stuffing, and wallpaper. On the plus side, these animals also feed on dead insects and decaying plants, contributing to natural recycling. To prevent an outbreak of book lice in your home:

  • Use a dehumidifier or fan to dry and ventilate any damp areas.
  • Store boxes, books, and papers off the floor.
  • Freeze infected books.


Hornets can sometimes find their way into your home through small cracks or crevices found along your home’s foundation or windows. They have an excruciating sting and can sting multiple times. Millions of people throughout the United States are allergic to hornet stings and require an EpiPen to prevent an allergic reaction. To prevent hornets from entering your home:

  • Seal any openings around your home.
  • Remove sources of food from outside of your home.
  • Make sure to pick up trash and cover trash cans.

Pantry Moths

Pantry moths eat flour and cereal products and leave behind a secretion that causes the food they’ve been eating to clump together. You can identify a pantry moth infestation by a silk webbing around the food in your cabinets or the presence of their larva or cocoons. Moths aren’t particularly dangerous to humans. However, they can infect food with bacteria, which can make you ill. To prevent pantry moths in your home:

  • Store food in tightly sealed containers.
  • Throw away old food.
  • Never mix old and new foods.

Pantry Beetles

Pantry beetles are attracted to crumbs and grain products. If you have foods such as rice and cereal sitting in your cabinet, unused, for an extended period, that can increase the likely hood of an infestation. They aren’t known to carry diseases. However, their feces and eggs can harbor diseases. To prevent a pantry beetle infestation:

  • Throw away old, unused grain products.
  • Seal food in glass or rigid plastic containers.
  • Wipe up crumbs after eating.

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