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Cricket Control Services in Cookeville, TN

In the Spring cricket eggs start hatching. The tiny nymphs that emerge eat a lot and grow quickly. They will molt eight more times in a month and a half. That is what it takes for them to become an adult. During warm weather crickets typically live outdoors. They feed on plants (especially seeds), small fruits and insects. If they are hungry crickets will even eat each other. They are often attracted to electric light in large numbers (sometimes by the thousands), and rest on vertical surfaces such as house walls and light poles.

Once fully grown, male crickets look for a mate. They sing and dance to attract females. The songs of many males can be heard on fall evenings. The song is made by rubbing the front wings together. Females hear the song through eardrums on their front legs. Once a female approaches a male, he will move back and forth in a courtship dance. After mating, a female cricket looks for damp soil in which to lay her eggs. This is why you get crickets in a damp crawlspace. She will lay about 50 eggs at a time and over 400 eggs in her short life.


Prevent Annoying Pests

As cold weather approaches the crickets look for shelter in homes and sheds seeking the moisture and warmth they provide. Once indoors they can survive indefinitely. Crickets can become a nuisance inside your home as they feed on carpets, curtains, and clothing leaving small holes. To prevent this, having your home under regular pest services is key.

Call MidState to help rid yourself of this destructive, annoying pest.

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