Pantry and Fabric insects

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Pantry and Fabric Pest

Confused Flour Beetle

Flour, cornmeal, rice, and breakfast cereal - these are just a few of the places you may find the confused flour beetle. While we may not want this creature in our kitchen pantry, it does play an important recycling role in nature. Beetles eat dead plants and animals, which return to the soil as valuable nutrients.

To keep your home free of confused flour beetles:

  •  Locate the source of infestation and get rid of it.
  • Store items in insect-proof containers (glass, heavy plastic, or metal) and/or refrigerate them.

Book Louse

As its name implies, this insect enjoys snacking on the glue and molds found in old books. It also feasts on molds associated with cereals, furniture stuffing, and wallpaper. On the plus side, these animals also feed on dead insects and decaying plants, thereby contributing to natural recycling.

To prevent an outbreak of book lice in your home:

  • Use a dehumidifier or fan to dry and ventilate any damp areas.
  • Store boxes, books, and papers off the floor.
  • Freeze infected books.

    If all else fails, call Midstate to prevent and/or eliminate the problem.

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